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As a partner to our clients, we invest time and capital to assess and train each MSS staff member. The first step in the on-boarding of any new staff is rigorous pre-assessment testing. Testing allows management to identify any gaps in knowledge and remediate with a customized plan for the individual MSS staff member.

No matter what position the employee fills, every staff member participates in significant mortgage services and compliance training. Employees of MSS are eligible to attend Grow@Urban. This is a professional Development Certificate Program that includes processor, underwriter and closer certificates.

MSS' mission is to on-board individuals from entry level to experienced management…but most importantly, MSS seeks those who are teachable, coachable and have aspirations of partnering with progressive organizations. Simply put, we are looking for the best of the best for our clients.

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MSS Client Case Study - ULS was growing exponentially, and as ULS continued to diversify its client base with some of the largest banks in the nation, they needed to hire a large number of employees with extensive experience in the mortgage industry in a very short time.

Read how ULS's expectations were exceeded.


Diversity Sourcing at MSS - The role of the Supplier Diversity department at MSS is to source commodities for the staffing solutions company. Our Supplier Diversity department is responsible for identifying qualified suppliers and to ensure the inclusion of minority, woman, and veteran-owned businesses in the competitive bidding process where possible at MSS.


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